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The majority of Coca-Cola bottlers in North America depend on CONA Services to handle their IT needs, and CONA Services supports them with one of largest SAP HANA instances in the world.
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Coke Bottlers get a sweet deal from CONA Services, Microsoft Azure and Azure NetApp Files

Coca-Cola bottlers in North America move a lot of product on a daily basis. They use CONA Services as an IT provider to manage the sales and distribution. SAP HANA is the application environment and is one of the worlds largest instances. With such huge volumes of data and constant changes in demand, CONA needed a cloud solution that could handle the heavy lifting.

2020 was a phenomenal year, with achieving cost savings, but also on the other side with important new business capabilities. Millions in savings but also millions of growth, based on the Azure NetApp Files environment.

Reinhard Meister, CEO and President, CONA Services

Azure NetApp Files helps manage huge data volumes generated by $24 billion in beverage sales


Microsoft Azure and Azure NetApp Files are a refreshing change, allowing CONA to quickly scale IT infrastructure to take advantage of rapidly-changing business conditions.

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