Who helps SAP run SAP? NetApp.

When SAP needed a partner to help build HANA Enterprise Cloud, they chose NetApp. SAP knows NetApp has the solutions to accelerate processes and deliver more intelligence while simplifying environments. SAP chose NetApp. Why wouldn’t you?

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Why NetApp solutions for SAP?

Your business + SAP + NetApp = pure gold

We are intensely focused on giving you a consistent experience no matter the point in your SAP journey, where you want to go, how you want to manage your environments, or which partners you work with. Build your landscape on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Use a managed service or a white glove consultancy. No matter what, the capabilities, protection mechanisms, and operational simplicity are all the same.​ ​

For more than two decades we’ve been working in an ever-deepening partnership with SAP to help you leverage our technology to deliver projects faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

Bring​ applications to market faster,​ up to​ 40% faster

Speed things up

Reduce cost by​ shrinking data footprint​ as much as​ 85%

Start saving

Minimize risk by reducing recovery time:​ 1 minute​ snapshot​ restoration

Increase safety

Our organization needs to...

Cloud-ready SAP, on your terms

The strategic advantages of running mission critical applications in public clouds or on managed services continue to expand. Wherever you are on your SAP journey, we’ll help you build your data fabric that lets you take advantage of the cloud when and how you choose. And when you’re ready, we’ll get you there in record time; we’re talkin’ the complete migration of 20 SAP systems in the time it normally takes to receive SAP hardware kind-of-record time. Read the Hansa-Flex case study.

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Simplify your SAP HANA operations

If you are going to conduct open heart surgery on your organization’s IT systems you want a team comprised of the best experts the world has to offer with the very best tools ever created. When it comes to data management, NetApp is that expert you want on your project team. We have the best in class tools to simplify the management and enhance the protection of your SAP HANA data.

NetApp delivers on-the-fly, non-disruptive maintenance and zero-touch automatic failover in case of disaster leading to 24/7 availability and zero data loss. Read the myBrand case study.

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Accelerate your current SAP environments

Even if migrating to SAP HANA isn’t in your near-term plans, it’s important to constantly optimize your SAP environments and the infrastructures on which they are built. NetApp solutions can increase the response of your applications by up to 40% while reducing rack space and power needs by 90%. Keep your projects moving forward quickly while ensuring they are fully protected to handle any bumps you hit along the way. Read the itelligence Poland case study.

Optimizing SAP workloads with NetApp 10 Reasons your SAP applications belong on NetApp
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Ask our SAP solution specialists YOUR question

We know this can be complex and sometimes you just want to get your specific questions answered, fast. So, we’ve opened up a direct access channel to our SAP solution specialists. This does not route to or through sales, when you’re ready to talk to them they’ll be standing by. But right now, we want to help you get on the fast track to solving your challenges. Email or meet live? You choose.

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IBM Cloud uses NetApp for SAP workloads

When IBM needed a partner to support SAP workloads in IBM Cloud they picked NetApp because only NetApp brings enterprise-grade, high performance storage to the cloud. Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

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FlexPod has transformed our performance and efficiency, so we can focus on applications and end-user services.

Liam Cole, IT Commercial Operations Team Leader, TasNetworks

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We had IBM Db2 and SAP HANA—two completely different database systems. While executing the migration, we had to transform, reorganize, and compress the data, without being able to predict how much memory the database would ultimately occupy. Azure NetApp Files gave us a great deal of flexibility.

Markus Krenn, Arvato Systems, Hansa-Flex AG

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FlexPod is like a Lego kit. The deployment period is short. Whether at customer sites or in our data centers, from an operations point of view everything is always the same with FlexPod.

Christian Grützner, Architect Storage & Backup, all for one Group

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The NetApp portfolio for SAP

Deploy SAP securely and efficiently where you want it with consistent experience no matter where you go. We have solutions for all of your SAP needs. On-premises, in the cloud, and everything to connect them in perfect harmony.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from industry experts

Read Evaluator Group’s analysis of how data fabric delivered by NetApp offers a consistent enterprise data management layer across private, hybrid, and multiple public cloud environments.

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We enable Systems Integrators to change the delivery experience. We help you bring all the right expertise, technical capabilities and processes and best practices together to deliver the best projects, faster and with less risk, so you can bill higher-value consultancy dollars faster.​

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