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Migration of on-premises database environment to Azure cloud using Azure NetApp files for SAP migration
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Getting 20 SAP systems into the cloud in record time

In 2019, hydraulics expert HANSA-FLEX AG took on two major projects to adapt its IT structure to meet its organizational and customer needs. Working with NetApp & Microsoft partner Arvato Systems, the company updated its SAP systems and database to SAP HANA, achieving the fastest cloud migration to-date. It was the first time the company used Azure NetApp Files to run performance-intensive and latency-sensitive workloads in the cloud.

Launched by Microsoft in October 2019, Azure NetApp Files is widely used as the underlying shared file storage service in various scenarios, such as migrating a high-performance computing infrastructure or enterprise web applications. HANSA-FLEX was the first company in Germany to implement Azure NetApp Files as part of a purely SAP project. Once migrated, the database took up just one-third of the space it had before.

We had IBM Db2 and SAP HANA—two completely different database systems. While executing the migration, we had to transform, reorganize, and compress the data, without being able to predict how much memory the database would ultimately occupy. Azure NetApp Files gave us a great deal of flexibility.

Markus Krenn from Arvato Systems

At the end of September 2019, the project team began the planning phase, setting a goal to have all key SAP systems running in the cloud within three months. These included the 10 terabyte IBM Db2 database that stored 80,000 material master datasets for HANSA-FLEX’s more than 450 locations. That left a six-week window to complete the migration itself by year’s end.


Transition of SAP to Azure in three months and 60% reduction of database size

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