What is hybrid multicloud experience?


The Hybrid Multicloud Experience is delivered by the NetApp data fabric and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure; bringing together the best of public cloud and private cloud for a consistent user experience. Only organizations with NetApp HCI will be empowered to increase productivity, maintain simplicity, and deliver more services at scale.

Entering the hybrid multicloud experience

What you haven’t been able to do is use HCI as a hybrid cloud infrastructure single-source solution that enables you to consume cloud resources consistently across multiple public clouds as well as on-premises private cloud infrastructure.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure generation provides solutions that can serve as the foundation for a new cloud consumption model—one that lets you easily access a virtually unlimited choice of public and private cloud data services to meet the specific needs of any workload and application.

Why the hybrid multicloud experience matters

End users are demanding access to the best-in-class microservices with new clouds, new services, and new opportunities. With the adoption of public clouds your company needs access to the best tools from any given cloud provider. With the hybrid multicloud experience, you can pick any service from any cloud. For example:

  • Alexa (voice-to-text service from AWS) and TensorFlow (Google AI) and leverage both cloud data services for the same application.

Benefits of the hybrid multicloud experience

A hybrid multicloud experience provides more than a simple migration of data to the cloud. It allows customers full leverage the data services in the cloud; where containers, VMware, private clouds, are local to you. Customers don’t have to “wait” for agile IT. The consumption path is their choice natively.

Customer evidence shows that only those organizations who build cloud environments combined with a full breadth of enterprise capabilities will gain an unfair market advantage. The days of silos and months of provisioning time are over - private clouds must respond at the speed of the public cloud.

Businesses of all sizes must move IT from a cost center to a service center. Advantage comes with delivering a hybrid multicloud experience based on frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, programmable APIs, and infrastructure independence. This advantage ensures customers can unleash agility and latent abilities in their own organizations to thrive with data.

The world of the hybrid multicloud experience is here. Only organizations with NetApp data fabric and NetApp HCI will be able to drive business success and meet rising user expectations.

Build your clouds and accelerate new services with NetApp HCI.


Provide a friction-less, cloud-like consumption experience, integrated, and self-service.


Achieve infrastructure independence by automating management complexities and delivering new services to users.


Across all your public and private clouds, the consumption should be consistent.