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Why NetApp for hybrid cloud

NetApp® helps you build a modern hybrid cloud that unifies your infrastructure and frees your data to move where it needs to be, so your data-centric business can adapt and change direction quickly in the name of gaining competitive advantage.

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Your data is anywhere and everywhere, in every form imaginable, and growing by the minute. It’s collected and stored across public and private clouds because each location offers unique benefits. Public cloud delivers nearly unlimited scaling with on-demand resources and lower capital expenditure, while private cloud features firewalls for storing sensitive data, as well as offering greater control and customization of hardware to fit your enterprise’s needs.

Houston, we have a problem. For all the upsides of storage choice, there’s one overwhelmingly large downside. Data is constantly being stranded in one place when you need it somewhere else. This forces you to put time, energy, and expense into getting it where it needs to be. A combination of public clouds, on-premises computing, and private clouds in your data center does not mean that you have a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A true hybrid cloud infrastructure doesn’t hold your data hostage. It liberates it to deliver the agility you need for driving digital transformation and moving the business forward.

No one delivers hybrid cloud like NetApp

NetApp removes the barriers that separate data. From the creation or acquisition of data, we make it available and usable wherever and whenever you need it—regardless of platform. With unhindered access to your data, NetApp hybrid cloud solutions enable a true hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Your data fabric

It’s all about your data fabric. Designed for simplicity and agility, we help design and build your data fabric to deliver data where, when, and how you need it—from edge to core to cloud. A data fabric simplifies and integrates data management to provide greater visibility, access, and control, while delivering insights, protection, and security. And it does it all without a roadblock or hurdle in sight. 

With your data fabric in place, data is allowed to flow seamlessly so it’s always on, available, and easily consumed across public and private clouds. Your developers have the freedom to build anywhere. And your organization is able to unleash the power of data to enable new customer touchpoints. To create business innovation. And to optimize operations.

We connect you to the world’s biggest public clouds

We’ve been committed to helping our customers store, protect, and make use of their data for nearly three decades. Recognizing early on that cloud would be a game-changer, we built out our NetApp cloud data services product suite and extended our enterprise-class storage capabilities to the world’s biggest clouds. It’s why Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have all made NetApp an integral part of their storage and data services strategies. And it’s why no one can help deliver your data fabric like NetApp.

Amazon Web Services

As one of the first storage management vendors to offer products in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, NetApp embraces a “bias for action” approach to innovation—listening to our customers and delivering services to streamline cloud operations.

For almost a decade, NetApp has collaborated with AWS to deliver innovative public cloud services. As the cloud storage specialists, we are able to leverage AWS’ advanced features to deliver a safer, faster way to migrate, deploy, and manage production-level applications, while gaining cloud scalability, agility, and cost efficiencies.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and NetApp are celebrating a partnership of nearly two decades delivering innovative products that have helped organizations to better manage their data—both in the data center and in the cloud. Our relationship has culminated in a jointly engineered service called Azure NetApp Files, which empowers organizations to better fulfill their massive cloud mandate.   

At NetApp, we empower users to approach the cloud on their own terms, which is why we hardwired NetApp technology into the Microsoft Azure cloud to enable you to meet (and exceed) your organizational goals as you address cloud mandates. Our integrated services streamline business-critical application deployment, DevOps, analytics, and disaster recovery.

Google Cloud

With powerful NetApp enterprise data services and solutions tightly integrated into Google Cloud environments, advanced data management, and unprecedented performance help you truly take advantage of Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning. 

With all of your enterprise applications, you need to know that your data is secure, available, and in the right place, for the right cost, at scale. NetApp and Google Cloud have created the ultimate toolkit of integrated services to help you manage your data and quickly migrate even the most complex enterprise applications.

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We wanted an on-prem like performance for our reservoir simulation and analysis software. We were thrilled to see Azure NetApp Files exceeding our expectations with an over 5x performance increase.

Juan Pedro Bretti | Digital Transformation Engineer, E&P, Repsol

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By combining NetApp’s and Cascadeo’s expertise and learnings, we can help enterprises get complex workloads up and running on AWS quickly and drive better ROI.

Jared Reimer | Founder and CEO, Cascadeo

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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform has enabled us to develop an agile and flexible enterprise grade platform for our customers with ease and simplicity.

Roger Kjensrud | CTO, Impact

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is our cloud-based service available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that delivers advanced data management for your file and block workloads. Cloud Volumes ONTAP helps optimize your cloud storage costs and increases application performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance. Designed for storage admins already familiar with ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP is self-managed through NetApp BlueXP, our single-pane management console for all your ONTAP instances deployed across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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NetApp delivers a true hybrid cloud experience

NetApp brings the enterprise-grade data services you rely on into the cloud, and the simple flexibility of cloud into the data center. As a cloud-led, data-centric software company, only NetApp can help build your unique data fabric, simplify and connect your cloud, and securely deliver the right data, services and applications to the right people—anytime, anywhere.

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