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Backup and disaster recovery for VMware has never been easier

Learn how to cost effectively protect on-premises VMware data with Google Cloud VMware Engine and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP®.

Learn backup and disaster recovery best practices for VMware vSphere

NetApp and Google Cloud have developed a rich set of VMware-aware data protection functionality that provides space-efficient backups for virtual machines and datastores. Take advantage of the scale available in Google Cloud for fast and reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery.

With NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), you can protect your VMware environments by: 

  • Effectively eliminating backup and replication windows. 
  • Shrinking your infrastructure costs 
  • Accelerating data recovery

Plan an effective disaster recovery strategy

Whether you operate on premises or across a hybrid cloud,
make certain that critical applications will remain unaffected
in the event of a major infrastructure outage. 

Maintain business continuity by planning for disaster recovery now.
Our free disaster recovery guide can help you overcome common
challenges and bolster your data protection strategy.

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