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Unlock performance and scale with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud

With NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for Google Cloud, you can optimize cloud storage costs and performance while data protection, security, and compliance. A cloud-based data management service built with NetApp ONTAP storage software, Cloud Volumes ONTAP offers a superior universal storage system for your data.

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Simplify migration to Google Cloud 

Make migrations a reality with enterprise-grade, unified storage from Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Easily lift and shift Linux and Windows workloads without refactoring or changing how you manage your data. Google Cloud provides the infrastructure, the tools, and the services necessary for running high-performance, mission-critical workloads. Cloud Volumes ONTAP adds a rich layer of management capabilities, allowing you centralize control wherever data resides.

Migrate enterprise workloads

Run complex, performance-intensive, and latency-sensitive applications with no code change. 

Run file shares on Google Cloud

Consolidate distributed file servers into a single Google Cloud footprint. Enable real-time file sharing for your entire organization.

Increase data availability

Overcome unplanned data loss, ransomware, or data corruption with nearly instant restoration. 

Optimize cloud storage costs

Rely on advanced storage efficiency features and data tiering to keep costs in check.

Make the most of your cloud storage infrastructure

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is the smart way to run enterprise applications and file services in Google Cloud. Achieve greater cloud control, efficiency, and protection of your data from this enterprise storage service.

Managing Data in Google Cloud

Enjoy data management efficiencies and cost savings

If you’re not careful, snowballing cloud data storage costs can wreak havoc on your budget. With efficiency features like thin provisioning, data compression, automated tiering, and deduplication, Cloud Volumes ONTAP helps you easily manage your storage footprint and reduce cloud storage costs by up to 70%. Say goodbye to different systems for block and file storage and hello to truly unified storage. Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports NFS, SMB, and iSCSI workloads along with all your hybrid storage needs through a single interface.

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How much could you save with Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

Get a breakdown of your storage costs with Cloud Volumes ONTAP versus Google Cloud Persistent Disk.

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Woot woot! We’re a Google Cloud Partner of the Year

NetApp is proud to be named a Google Cloud Partner of the Year in two key categories. We’ve been recognized for creating industry-leading solutions and strong customer experiences with Google Cloud.


NetApp technology, such as Cloud Volumes ONTAP, is the right fit for dentsu because it allows us to accelerate our cloud transformation, while delivering significant savings to the business.

John Howarth, Head of Infrastructure Transformation, dentsu

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Defend against cyberthreats

Take advantage of built-in data protection and security capabilities

Cloud Volumes ONTAP integrates with multilayered solutions that improve data governance wherever your data resides—in Google Cloud or on premises. Mitigate data loss with advanced protection, threat detection, and rapid recovery capabilities.

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