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Optimize: Listen to that data fabric purr

Innovation doesn’t hang out in the slow lane—and it doesn’t have an infinite budget. With optimization as its co-pilot, innovation steers clear of being bogged down in details, spending is kept under control, and development moves forward at breakneck speed.

Why optimize?

How does reducing costs, spending less time managing your on-premises and cloud storage, and boosting application performance sound? What about saving time by streamlining day-to-day operations? Fancy the idea of staying on (or below!) budget by expertly reining in hybrid cloud storage costs—without hamstringing innovation?

Do more with less. That’s the holy grail of optimize. And guess what? With an integrated, automated data fabric in place, finding opportunities to make your storage network operations, cloud resources, and underlying data more efficient is easier than finding a needle in a haystack using a flamethrower and high-powered magnet.

Welcome to the streamline-apalooza

Operational optimization creates a wealth of opportunities to be faster and more efficient at day-to-day tasks. By ensuring your infrastructure has a consistent and standard set of configurations, you unify your data so different groups, including IT, DevOps, security, and business ops, can streamline their processes. In a world where every millisecond counts, your NetApp-optimized data fabric will help ensure you easily stay ahead of the game.

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Drop overspending like a bad habit

Rapid innovation without built-in controls can easily lead to a cloud overspending problem. The same thing goes if you’re not keeping a close eye on where all that data lives. NetApp cloud monitoring tools give you insight into your spend so you can make continuous adjustments. In addition, our automation tools and integrated platforms allow you to quickly move between storage tiers and instance types, so that your usage, performance, and costs are in-line and predictable.

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An efficient developer is a happy developer

Compared to a decade ago, businesses have gone from one to two major releases per year to thousands of releases per day. This incredible volume of work makes it difficult for DevOps teams to ensure their apps and features are delivered with an excellent user experience. Using NetApp optimization tools, developers can speed up their time to market, while ramping up the quality of their product releases and updates.

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Striking a balance in DevOps optimization

As you know, cloud comes with pros and cons. On the one hand, cloud is a fantastic tool for keeping up with business requirements without the delays and complexity of manual infrastructure provisioning. The cloud makes it easy to self-provision, and your organization probably relies on that flexibility to accelerate time to market.

On the other hand, all that self-provisioning can wreak havoc on budget management and security requirements. Without some controls, you might find yourself in an IT “Wild West” where anything goes—and you’re left footing the bill.

As you also know, too much control stifles innovation. You need to strike a balance between a free-for-all and rigid, centralized control. Optimization can play a key role in finding this balance. Your job is to discover and support your organization's cloud use cases. Providing approved resources—workflows, templates, and service catalogs—gives your users the speed and flexibility they need, while giving you a framework for controlling spending.

Your data fabric gives you the best of both worlds. It helps optimize your workloads and data to keep operations lightning-fast while filling your CFO with glee.

Featured customer story

With the help of NetApp and Azure NetApp files, Repsol, a multi-energy company based in Madrid, optimized its data fabric to speed up business decisions, improve modeling, and make progress toward achieving its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

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With Azure NetApp Files, we have seen amazing performance increases. Simulations that took over a month, now are taking a few hours.

Guillermo Fernndez lvarez | IT and Digitalization Director, Exploration and Production at Repsol

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Optimize products

There’s no such thing as a “too efficient” data fabric. Our industry-leading products make it simple to enjoy optimization gains across your entire infrastructure to save you time, money, and sleepless nights worrying about precious resources disappearing into the ether.

Cloud Tiering Service: Time to pinch some pennies

NetApp® Cloud Tiering Service extends your on-premises ONTAP storage to the cloud by combining ONTAP SSD storage with a low-cost object storage of your choice. Cloud Tiering efficiently manages your storage pool by seamlessly placing your data at the right tier at the right time, based on its usage—without compromising on manageability and performance.

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Spot Elastigroup: Flex your muscle to save

With AI-driven prediction of spot instance interruptions and advanced workload rebalancing, Spot Elastigroup by NetApp® delivers extreme cost reduction in AWS, Azure, and GCP—even for your production and mission-critical workloads. Enjoy guaranteed availability while saving up to 90% on cloud costs with zero overhead. Strong work indeed.

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ONTAP: Off-the-charts efficiency, on premises

With NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, you get a comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of storage efficiency capabilities. Inline data compression, deduplication, and compaction work together to reduce your storage costs and maximize the data you can store. Plus, you can multiply your savings with space-efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies, thin provisioning, replication, and cloning technologies.

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Spot by NetApp

A portfolio of cloud automation products that deliver continuous optimization across your infrastructure.

NetApp Cloud Manager

A centralized control plane to manage, monitor, and automate data across your hybrid cloud.

Azure NetApp Files

Enjoy unmatched flexibility to choose a performance tier that’s aligned with your workload requirements and budget.

NetApp Cloud Insights

Effective resource management lets engineers and administrators proactively reduce waste and maximize utilization as part of their daily workflows.

Additional resources

What else is there you should know about optimize? Plenty. From blog posts and customer stories to white papers and checklists, our goal is to make it simple for you to become an optimization expert and use that knowledge to drive innovation across your organization.

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Let’s build your data fabric

Helping customers build their data fabric is what we do. We can’t wait to learn more about where you are today and where you want to go. Rest assured, together we’ll build the data fabric that will get you there.

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A recipe for innovation

Well-organized data allows you to provide a continuously improving customer experience. The award-winning recipe? A robust data fabric comprised of the six capabilities below. Partner with NetApp to rein in, consolidate, de-silo, and organize everything that matters from edge to core to cloud.

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From storage to data, gain the visibility to monitor availability, performance, and usage across your entire system.

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Seamlessly integrate your data fabric to make it simple and consistent to access your data wherever and whenever.

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Reduce the number of manual tasks so you have more time to focus on things that deliver more value.

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Cost, performance, or both, continuously optimize the infrastructure you have today and tomorrow.

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Simplify end-to-end data protection in the event of an outage, disaster, or ransomware attack.

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Confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data is easy when it’s driven by sophisticated AI.

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