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Tufts University

Expand video security across multiple campuses to improve student safety
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Setting the Curve for Campus Safety

Following the Boston terrorist attack in 2013, Tufts University has been rapidly expanding its video security deployment to cover each of its three Boston area campuses. The university replaced its previous network video recorder (NVR) solution with exacqVision video management software (VMS) that runs on centralized NetApp E-Series storage. This system enables the university to easily and affordably manage its increasing data requirements with room to grow.

This storage is perfect for video. It is economical, it is easy to deploy, it is easy to grow, and it works well. It simply does everything that we need it to do.

Centralized management and high availability for more than 238TB of video data

The NetApp E-Series solution makes it easy for the department to manage 238TB of video data with no additional headcount. Over time, the scope of the project has more than doubled in size as the police department continues to add cameras across the Tufts campuses. NetApp E-Series provides a high-density, scale-out solution, allowing Tufts to add performance and capacity on demand, without disrupting ongoing operations.


Centralized management and high availability for more than

238TB of video data

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