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Pacific Biosciences

28x increase in data projected over 3 years

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Pacific Biosciences


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Pioneers Next-Generation Genome Sequencing with NetApp and Komprise

Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) produces genomic sequencers that are used in wide-ranging ways: from diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's to wildlife conservation and efforts to improve the world's food supply. The company is accelerating the pace of genomic discovery with a data fabric enabled by NetApp and Komprise.

With 4.7PB of data—and more being generated each day—PacBio turned to Komprise data management software to gain insight into data growth and usage across its heterogeneous storage environment. Komprise provided a real-time analysis of PacBio's environment, showing how data was growing, which data was active, and which data could be moved to secondary storage for cost savings.

Our data fabric gives us a solid foundation on which to build our business.

Jay SmestadSenior Director of Infrastructure Alliances, PacBio

By leveraging Komprise's analysis, PacBio began standardizing its primary environment on NetApp FAS systems and added a petabyte of ultradense NetApp E-Series storage for archiving. Komprise transparently moves data to and from the archive based on predetermined policies, keeping only active data on primary storage. By moving cold storage to a lower tier, PacBio reduced its storage requirements by 60%.



reduction in storage costs

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