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National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

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National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)


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Australia's largest research data repository depends on NetApp E-Series storage and EF-Series all-flash arrays for high performance and extreme reliability to advance groundbreaking scientific research.

Australia's National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) is the country's most integrated high-performance research computing environment. A collaboration between the Australian government and leading research institutions, NCI brings together massive datasets from each organization to maximize efficiencies and to fuel innovative research.

For researchers, time in the high-performance computing (HPC) environment is precious. Downtime can derail research and waste untold resources, so NCI's infrastructure must be extremely fast and highly available. With data doubling every 18 to 24 months, it must be able to quickly scale to meet changing research needs. By using NetApp E-Series and EF-Series storage in an all-flash configuration, NCI keeps the data flowing with superior data availability and fast response times.

The NetApp solution has been very, very reliable. There’s a high level of trust in the hardware that allows us to focus on other activities.

Daniel RodwellStorage Manager, NCI Australia


High data availability and extreme performance that fuel high-impact research and innovation

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