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A major initiative to improve service delivery results in a cloud-first strategy and consolidation of datacenters.
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Cloud first means that the global marketing giant can deliver content—and results— faster

Dentsu, the global marketing service group, is setting the pace for digital transformation with data-driven goals, accelerating innovation with proactive automation while realizing substantial cost savings.

NetApp cloud technologies have been a huge enabler in achieving our strategic and transformational goals, providing the agility and speed necessary to deliver our cloud journey.

Chris Fry Director, Global Programme Delivery, dentsu

In an industry where speed and agility are the determining factors in clients’ ability to simply survive or to thrive, dentsu is driven by a digital strategy. The company aims to enable the launch of new campaigns and services faster than ever before.

They set out to bring all of their storage into the cloud. Through the Thunder programme, dentsu has been able to close its four global data centres on schedule, moving fully into the cloud in early 2020. In addition to avoiding a costly 5-year hardware refresh cycle, this move also means a better user experience.


  • Lower costs
  • Better service delivery
  • Saved 2577 metric tons of CO2

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