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Cordant Group

Cordant Group had moved its IT infrastructure to an Amazon Web Services virtual private cloud. To manage server resources it needed to use Windows DFS. However, this had limitations. Consequently the company chose to replicate its physical storage environment by using NetApp Cloud ONTAP.

Cordant Group

Cordant Group

The Cordant Group chose the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP operating system to address storage issues following a wider move of its IT infrastructure to a virtual private cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a result, the company, which has used NetApp technologies for 10 years, essentially replicated its physical storage environment in the cloud with the added advantage of considerable cost savings.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP basically replicates the physical environment, so we’re using the same features and getting the same benefits for the business except overall the cloud opex model is enabling significant cost savings.

Paul BrownIT Director for Infrastructure and Support, Cordant Group


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