Connect your data center to the cloud

This e-book aims to help you understand how to build a standardized data architecture—a set of unified standards that govern which data is collected and how it's stored, integrated, and used.

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How to connect the world (in 3 mins or less)

Why connect and integrate your on-premises storage and your cloud? NetApp’s connectivity extraordinaire Nick Howell and ESG storage expert Scott Sinclair chase the answer in this fireside chat. Learn how to balance time, money, and risk as you build connections that take your storage to the next level.

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After two decades of working together, Microsoft and NetApp have mastered the art of making every penny count. Find out how this dynamic duo can help elevate your cloud. 

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For two years running, NetApp has won Google Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure. See what this means to you.

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For over eight years, NetApp and AWS have paved the way for customer innovation with smooth cloud storage. And a lower monthly spend.

NetApp connects SAP to the cloud

NetApp's products are certified for use with SAP in both Azure and Google Cloud. That means virtually unlimited scalability and seamless data movement across on premises and cloud, for both SAN and NAS architectures with 99.99% availability. SAP runs their workloads on NetApp. Why wouldn't you?


"Customer-obsessed" partnership

Early on, Rackspace realized its VMware Cloud on AWS wasn’t cost effective for handling storage-heavy workloads. Building on its 20-year partnership with NetApp, Rackspace integrated NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service into their solution and reduced storage costs to 10 cents per gig.

Blog series: All together now—data in a connected world

Hybrid cloud management isn't a baked, matured, standardized approach with a single set of tools; it's more of a discipline. Let's talk about the five chief pitfalls and possibilities of hybrid cloud.

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