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SG6060: Scaling up capacity with disk shelf expansion

Felix Lau

We’ve improved the NetApp® StorageGRID® SG6060 appliances to make them larger and more reliable and flexible.

Before the release of the NetApp StorageGRID 11.4 software, storage capacity expansions that used StorageGRID appliances required adding more appliance nodes, scaling out to increase the overall storage capacity of a StorageGRID system.

With the introduction of StorageGRID 11.4, existing SG6060 storage appliances in a StorageGRID installation now support scaling up capacity by adding more SG6000 expansion disk shelves.  The SG6060 balances cost and speed with the most cost-effective performance–to–scalability ratio in the StorageGRID portfolio.

SG6060 storage appliance SG6060 storage appliance.[/caption] The base SG6060 storage appliance combines a 1U compute node with a 4U 60-disk storage shelf.   Although the SG6060 previously supported the use of expansion shelves for additional capacity, with StorageGRID 11.4, you now have the flexibility to add one or two additional 4U 60-slot expansion shelves as the capacity of the base appliance fills up. You can start with a base SG6060 and,  as the capacity fills up, add an expansion shelf, and then continue to a second expansion shelf.

The base SG6060 storage appliance contains 58 NL-SAS drives. Each expansion shelf adds an additional 60 NL-SAS drives, and the SG6060 supports the addition of two expansion shelves, for a total of 178 drives.

Table 1) SG6060 storage appliance configuration.

Appliance Configuration Number of SSDs (Read Cache) Number of NL-SAS Disks
SG6060 storage appliance (base) 2 58
SG6060 + 1 SG6000 expansion shelf 2 118  (58 + 60)
SG6060 + 2 SG0000 expansion shelves 2 178  (58 + 60 + 60)
The SG6060 supports a range of disk sizes, including 4TB, 8TB, 10TB (FIPS), 12TB, and the newly introduced 16TB. All drives in a single shelf must be homogenous. However, with the new StorageGRID 11.4 software, the SG6060 storage appliance now supports the SG6000 expansion shelves with different drive sizes.

Table 2) SG6060 supported NL-SAS disk sizes.
SG6060 Supported NL-SAS Disk Sizes
For example, you could start with 4TB drives in your base SG6060 disk shelf and at some point add a first expansion shelf with 8TB drives, followed by expanding a second time with a shelf of 16TB drives.  This flexibility allows storage and grid administrators to select the expansion capacity that they need for their environment as well as the workload performance needs of the applications.

SG6060 with one expansion shelf SG6060 with one expansion shelf.[/caption] A fully deployed SG6060 appliance with two expansion shelves and 16TB drives can therefore scale up to 2.8PB of raw disk capacity.

To protect your data and improve durability against failures, the SG6060 storage appliance configures each disk shelf as a separate NetApp Dynamic Disk Pool . In case of a component hardware failure, not all of the data stored is affected.

To help manage the underlying storage shelves, the NetApp StorageGRID 11.4 software now manages and upgrades the NetApp SANtricity® controller firmware in the StorageGRID appliances. This greatly simplifies the management of the underlying disk array firmware for storage and grid administrators.

SG6060 with two expansion shelves SG6060 with two expansion shelves.[/caption] Do you want to learn more about the SG6060 shelf expansions and the latest NetApp StorageGRID 11.4 features? Check out the specs on the datasheet and the StorageGRID webpage.

Felix Lau

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