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Say Goodbye to Latency with Memory Accelerated FlexPod

Dana Pan

The culture of impatience is growing as consumers are expecting instant gratification. Your enterprise can’t just meet expectations anymore, it’s now the norm to exceed expectations. What are you doing to keep up?

NetApp’s recent announcement of Memory Accelerated FlexPod presents a pioneering opportunity for businesses in which application response time is crucial. Consumers too, have a reason to be excited about the proliferation of this technology. Improved responsiveness of enterprise applications can be easily translated into better user experiences and savings on the customer-end.

Get Excited!

As an avid consumer of fashion and dubbed the official shopper of my household, Memory Accelerated FlexPod would have an immense effect on my purchasing experience. We buy things on the daily basis, whether it’s groceries, clothes, or household items. Nowadays an increasingly larger proportion of our purchases are online. Some of my friends go so far as to never step out of the house. When I ask why, they respond, “why bother if you can order everything online?” Fair argument.

With brick-and-mortar stores dying out due to the rise of online shopping, businesses need a continuous online presence without exception. Think about a time when you abandoned your cart because of website problems. You clicked on the 50% off storewide banner, arrived at the company website, spent a whole hour filling out your cart, clicked continue to checkout, and the website fails or lags due to the volume of data. For a customer, this is a huge turn off. For the company, this could cause significant revenue loss.

What is Memory Accelerated FlexPod?

MAX Data is an application acceleration software that allows businesses to fully take advantage of the revolutionary low latency of Intel Optane DCPMM, without rewriting the application code. Of course, we can’t claim this fact…unless there’s proof. We recently ran some tests running MAX Data on FlexPod (Memory Accelerated FlexPod) and these are the results we got:

Performance benefits of adding MAX Data to a FlexPod with NetApp AFF A300[/caption]

Memory Accelerated FlexPod is capable of 5 times more I/O operations with 25 times less latency. Simply speaking, this means no more lagging websites when trying to make an online purchase on Black Friday. With the proof in the pudding, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get this new software.

What Memory Accelerated FlexPod means for Businesses

With its mountain-moving performance with latency in the microseconds, your business can reach new heights.

  • Provide more efficient online customer service and prevent revenue lost from application downtime.
  • Make smarter decisions in less time by leveraging real time analytics.
  • Save costs by reducing your infrastructure resources.

Last but definitely not least, our valued NetApp customers can more easily leverage the performance benefits using the capabilities of our ONTAP Data Management Software.

What Memory Accelerated FlexPod means for Consumers

With all the benefits to businesses, what’s in it for the end-customers?

  • Savings from reduced company infrastructure resources costs could be passed on to customers.
  • A better online experience increases satisfaction and encourages more at home purchases saving time.
  • Experience less stock outs due to real time analytics. Get what you want when you want it!

The good news is Memory Accelerated FlexPod can be used for relational databases (Oracle, Postgress, DB2, MySQL). This new software can be a game changer in financial trading, fraud and cyber-threat detection, healthcare diagnostics and genomic research, E-commerce, and more.

Visit to learn more about how Memory Accelerated FlexPod can help you exceed customer expectations.

Dana Pan

Dana is a Social Media Manager at NetApp focused social media analytics and blog management. She holds a B.S. in marketing from Santa Clara University and has had experience in various facets of digital marketing. Originally from Boston, she moved to Silicon Valley to pursue a career in the tech industry. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, playing volleyball, playing music and trying new foods.

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