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How much can NetApp save you on your Oracle databases and SAP landscapes?

NetApp has built SAP and Oracle savings calculators to give you an idea of how much you can save by running your SAP landscapes and Oracle databases on NetApp.
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Dave Krenik
Dave Krenik

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

—Oscar Wilde

I enjoy spending money – I mean, I really enjoy it. So much so that my wife has called me “Sir Spend-a-Lot” for several decades now. Exotic bicycles? Check. Hard-to-find whiskeys and wines? Double check. Over-the-top kitchen renovation? Doing it. I live by the justification that getting high-quality goods is frugal. It’s not spending—it’s investing. That getting the good stuff and not settling (at least not settling too much) actually saves money.

As much as I like spending money, I hate wasting it. Sometimes when you think that you’re saving money, you actually end up spending more. Take for example the renovation of our main bath.  We collected several proposals and went with a contractor whose bid was remarkably lower than the others. The problem was that he didn’t understand some of the construction issues inherent to our area and we ended up paying someone else to redo the job properly.

As it turns out, you can get what you really, really want for your SAP landscapes and Oracle environments and save money at the same time. Always on-availability? Check. Deepest integration with all the major cloud providers? Yep. Integration with the folks who built the platforms that you run your business on? Of course. And, just as importantly, save some of your budget to grow your business rather than just maintaining it. That’s what this is all about, my friend.

NetApp has built SAP and Oracle savings calculators to give you an idea of how much you can save by running your SAP landscapes and Oracle databases on NetApp. With just 6 inputs, the calculators provide you with an estimate of your savings.

What do all those numbers mean? It’s really quite straightforward. There are savings calculators for Oracle and SAP.  On the savings calculator page, simply input 6 variables (or go with the default values) on the left side. The estimated savings are shown on the right. The top graph shows savings for entire Oracle systems or SAP landscapes. The bottom graph depicts annualized savings for an average database and your largest database.

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.”

—Will Rogers

How much can I save? The standard response applies here – it depends. As with a lot of things in life, where you start has a great influence on where you go. Also, to make the savings calculators easy to use, a great number of assumptions had to be made – assumptions that may or may not fit your business model. If the results that you see from this tool pique your interest, I highly recommend reaching out to your NetApp account team for a formal business case analysis. Or go here to book a visit with a NetApp SAP specialist or here to visit with a NetApp Oracle specialist.

Thanks for reading.

Dave Krenik

Dave has been bringing solutions to market under various monikers (alliances, business development, solution marketing) for more than 15 years. Before entering the world of tech, he enjoyed a 15-year stint in the wine business.

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