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SAP HANA sizing tool

: Find the right setup for your SAP systems

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Dave Krenik
Dave Krenik

“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.”

—Warren Buffett

I was building a business case for a solution a few years ago. I solicited a product lead to help with gathering data to support the development of the solution. When I asked him what the market opportunity was for this potential offering, he replied “it’s HUGE!” Huge? How do I measure “huge”? $10M? $100M? $5B? That offering never saw the light of day.

Is $750,000 a lot of money? As with many things in life, it depends. Annual salary? Most folks will say that $750,000 a year is doing pretty well. Retirement fund? I’m going to need a bunch more than that. A house? Hmmm – the median price of a single-family home in Boulder County, Colorado in 2021 was about $785,000. So $750,000 isn’t quite enough to be “typical” in the housing search.

These examples illustrate the need for quantitative data. One person’s “extra large” is another’s “small.”  We need ways to quantitively, and absolutely, size opportunities, capacity, and more.

Do you wonder if one or more of your SAP landscapes is small, medium, or large? Or even huge? Even better, do you wonder about capacity planning for your SAP landscapes? How much capacity do you need now? How much will you need later? The answer “a lot” isn’t terribly helpful. Wouldn’t it be good to have this data? Or at least a fair estimate?

SAP HANA sizing tools

NetApp has developed a tool that gives you a ballpark estimate of the capacity needed for your SAP landscapes. Just enter a few numbers and click Download Your Report. It should be noted that to make this SAP landscape sizer super easy to use, it’s necessary to make a good number of assumptions. That’s why we refer to the output as a “ballpark estimate.”

You might be thinking “Wait, doesn’t SAP have a Quick Sizer”? SAP sure does—and their Quick Sizer is a lot more involved than the NetApp® sizing calculator. Just to be clear, the NetApp SAP sizing tool is not a replacement for SAP’s Quick Sizer. It’s a tool that helps answer the question “How much is a lot?” So go ahead and play around with it—have a ton of fun.

After you’ve played around with the NetApp SAP sizing calculator to your heart’s content, check out NetApp SAP resources and make an appointment to visit with a NetApp SAP expert—no obligation. Zip. Zero.Nothin’.It’s fun—trust me.

Get certified—AFF A900 certification for SAP HANA

I also want to point out that the newest addition to the NetApp AFF family, the A900, is certified for use for SAP HANA. Really—check for yourself at the SAP HANA certified and supported hardware site.

Go have fun.

Dave Krenik

Dave has been bringing solutions to market under various monikers (Alliances, Business Development, Solution Marketing) for greater than 15 years. Before entering the world of Tech, Dave enjoyed a 15 year stint in the wine business.

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