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It’s That Simple: An All-in-One Data Management Solution

Greg Knieriemen

When you think simplicity what comes to mind? A manual with no more than three instructions? A map with no more than two directions? When we think of simplicity, we know what immediately comes to mind: something intuitive, clear and easy to implement and ultimately free from complications.

In the context of NetApp, ONTAP is one solution that comes to mind when thinking about the concept of simplicity. Really, you ask? Yes! ONTAP is a single-point data management solution for all storage and back up requirement. ONTAP features include multi-protocol SAN and NAS, native data tiering to the cloud, and strong data protection and governance, offering companies consistent management across the NetApp Data Fabric. ONTAP also massively scales to billions of files and multiple petabytes in a single storage pool and operates and upgrades without disruption to transforming businesses. ONTAP’s simplicity is also reflective in that its clusters have total flexibility to match performance and capacity to any customer requirement. It’s that simple.


ONTAP is so easy to use because it’s already prepared to help your company scale and be protected along the way. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. A single platform for SAN and NAS
    • Many companies want the flexibility to run both SAN and NAS workloads from a single platform without the burden of managing separate platforms. NetApp provides rich data management functionalities with ONTAP that are common across both SAN and NAS environments.
  2. Native data tiering to the cloud and Data Fabric
    • NetApp’s operational simplicity and flexibility preserves the customer experience regardless of location, from core to edge to cloud. Our Data Fabric vision helps in realizing the true potential of the hybrid cloud by managing data across multiple clouds using the same set of standard tools. We offer the unique ability to combine flash and cloud technologies into one storage pool, as ONTAP provides native cloud integration. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP and ONTAP Select, the construction of a hyper-efficient data-movement mesh can be accomplished quickly. Storage efficiency is preserved across tiers and additionally customers have the flexibility to choose between AWS for public cloud and StorageGRID for private low-cost solution.
  3. Data security and governance
    • Our storage security solutions protect stored data in SAN, NAS, and tape environments. ONTAP offers integrated data security features throughout the hybrid cloud environment. SnapVault, for example, enables data stored on multiple systems to be backed up to a central, secondary system quickly and efficiently as read-only Snapshot copies. SnapManager provides the ability to automatically replicate databases stored on the source volume to its mirrored target volume situated locally or remotely when used with SnapMirrow. SnapCenter delivers application-consistent backup and clone management for NetApp storage – across the Data Fabric. And MetroCluster is a business-continuity and disaster-recovery software that lets companies achieve continuous data protection for mission-critical applications.

So what’s next?

NetApp ONTAP has always been built for the modern enterprise, to unify and simplify your data infrastructure – across edge, core and cloud. A single-point data management solution for SAN and NAS, allowing you to move data freely between on-premises environments and cloud providers, protecting your data seamlessly across the hybrid cloud with space-efficient copies.

We are constantly working on providing you with a tool that helps you quickly respond to changing business requirements by simplifying operations and reducing costs. Stay efficient while exploring trends such as machine learning and artificial intelligence with scale-up and scale-out capacity and performance without disruption. It’s that simple.

Greg Knieriemen

Greg Knieriemen is a NetApp Chief Technologist. He helps develop and drive the vision and application of NetApp products and solutions. Previously, Greg worked for Hitachi and was the founder of the Speaking in Tech Podcast. Greg has over 15 years of experience using, deploying and marketing enterprise IT solutions.

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