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Multicloud worries? Explored Solutions

NetApp Field Day Exclusive
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Michael Grant
Michael Grant

Multicloud organizations are 6.3 times faster to market, and they're more successful than their competitors, yet multicloud complexity and cost continue to vex most companies. This problem was the fuel for discussions at the NetApp exclusive Cloud Field Day (CFDx), held at NetApp’s corporate offices in San Jose.

Industry experts joined NetApp leaders to answer the question, “How do you make multicloud work for you?” with demonstrations and conversations centered on key shifts in the market. Specifically, these three new realities were spotlighted:

  • You can run almost any workload on any cloud.
  • Most companies are or will soon use a multicloud IT model.
  • Data centers aren’t dead and they won’t die, although they are morphing rapidly.

This rapid evolution is playing out in a highly competitive business environment that is pushing already-taxed technology teams to change the economics of enterprise data management by architecting storage environments that deliver new levels of operational efficiency and contain growing storage costs. As discussed in the session, and clear to all in the room, the hurdle to multicloud success has been raised. No longer are leaders compensated for the hardware they manage, but instead on the business outcomes they deliver. 

Demos and discussion

The day's demos and discussion were divided into four sessions that you won’t want to miss. So grab a snack, kick back, and dig into the topics that most interest you.

  1. How do you make multicloud work for you? (26 minutes) Q&A discussion with Jeff Baxter and Phoebe Goh from NetApp on the future of cloud and strategies for tackling multicloud complexity. In this section, the group discusses the fact that many firms find themselves with the accidental multicloud and what can be done to make multicloud strategic and intentional.

  2. How can NetApp improve the day-to-day operations of your cloud (2 hours)
    • Chuck Foley and some of NetApp's smartest technical types lead you through NetApp® cloud demos and best practices for optimizing cloud storage costs, improving application performance, bolstering data protection and security, meeting compliance requirements, deploying dynamically across multicloud environments, removing barriers to productivity, and much more.
  3. How to run enterprise file workloads in Google Cloud with NetApp (35 minutes)
  4. Cloud Field Day delegate roundtable with NetApp and Google Cloud (30 minutes)
  5. Bonus section: CFDx After Action Report (16 minutes)—an unvarnished summary of the day

In this post-event video by Field Day delegate Nathan Bennett, you get an unfiltered reaction to the technology and topics presented during the day from Chris Williams, Jim Jones, Stephan Foskett, and Nathan.

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For many organizations, multicloud is a given. However, the numerous sources of complexity and cost are optional. For firms that want to liberate siloed data, spur innovation, and deliver business outcomes faster, technology that is available today can help. For more information on multicloud storage and data services from NetApp, visit

Michael Grant

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