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Dürr Group accelerates cloud journey with BlueXP

: An IDC case study in hybrid cloud transformation

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Cathi Allen
Cathi Allen

In a recent case study, IDC showcased how Dürr Group, a leading German mechanical and plant engineering enterprise, accelerated its cloud journey with the help of NetApp. ​By adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and leveraging the capabilities of NetApp® ONTAP® and BlueXP™, Dürr Group overcame multiple challenges, streamlined its storage architecture, and reaped numerous benefits.

Case Study Overview

Dürr Group, as a tier 1 automotive supplier for car companies like Porsche, Mercedes, and Volkswagen, and producers of furniture and timber houses, recognized that a cloud-first strategy was crucial to meet their customers’ expectations. ​ With Microsoft Azure as its primary public cloud and AWS Cloud for specific use cases, Dürr Group embarked on a multiyear hybrid cloud transformation journey.

Storage transformation with BlueXP

To kickstart its hybrid cloud journey, Dürr Group prioritized storage transformation. ​Recognizing the importance of a resilient, consistent, and integrated hybrid cloud environment, the IT team selected NetApp as their strategic vendor. ​NetApp ONTAP lies at the heart of Dürr Group's modern cloud storage architecture, and BlueXP delivers the unified control of storage and data services in a seamless management experience.

The Dürr Group realized the following benefits with BlueXP.

  • Enhanced data protection, security, and compliance. BlueXP backup and recovery enabled Dürr Group to integrate its modern backup strategy into its security, risk, and compliance roadmap.
  • Simplified data management. BlueXP eliminated the complexities associated with storage and data management, which had been a significant pain point for Dürr Group.
  • Automation and streamlined operations. BlueXP standardized policies, processes, and procedures through automation, intuitive wizards, and its policy engine, enabling Dürr Group’s IT team to streamline operations, reduce the need for specialized personnel, and improve time to productivity.
  • Seamless cloud integration. BlueXP delivers the ability to control and manage ONTAP systems, across on-premises and cloud storage, enabling Dürr Group to seamlessly execute its cloud-first strategy.
  • Storage optimization. To optimize hybrid cloud storage, Dürr Group uses BlueXP tiering, which automatically tiers data to lower-cost object storage based on their defined policies and security parameters.


The Dürr Group case study exemplifies the benefits of BlueXP in accelerating the cloud journey and establishing a resilient data infrastructure. ​With BlueXP, Dürr Group simplified data management, enhanced security and compliance, improved operational efficiency, and achieved cost savings. Its seamless integration with ONTAP, ability to deliver required services, and automation capabilities played a pivotal role in Dürr Group's successful hybrid cloud transformation.

Organizations today must navigate the challenges of data growth, cyberthreats, and budget pressures. The unified control, seamless management, integrated services, AIOps-driven automation, and operational simplicity delivered through NetApp BlueXP offer a robust solution for a resilient and future-ready data infrastructure.

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For more information about Dürr Group's cloud journey and the insights provided by IDC, read the IDC report.

Source: IDC, How Dürr Group Accelerates Its Cloud Journey with NetApp ONTAP, BlueXP, Tiering, and Its Backup and Recovery Services. Doc #EUR152007224, May 2024.

Cathi Allen

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