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Bringing Data Fabric to Life with Support for Hybrid Multicloud and DevOps

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Matt Watts

In October 2014 we unveiled our vision for data fabric to the world. Almost 5 years later, we’ve helped a substantial number of customers modernize their IT and build their data fabric. And Gartner has recognized the data fabric as a key technology trend for 2019.

It’s been a fascinating time for us as we’ve developed new solutions and capabilities that are very different from what people traditionally associate with NetApp. It’s been equally exciting for me personally to have been able to change the discussion with the companies that I speak to. When I say that I want to help a company define and build their data fabric, it quickly becomes an exciting discussion about possibilities: What could you achieve with your data if you could have it in the right place at the right time so that the right people have the right resources available to experiment, to innovate, to try something new?

This is what your data fabric could deliver.

You can probably imagine my excitement at this, NetApp's boldest portfolio launch. We're delivering a host of new capabilities that can help you bring your data fabric to life.

In our data-driven world, success relies on an organization's ability to fuel data-driven innovation on the world's biggest clouds, to modernize IT, and to bring the power of the cloud to every part of your business, with a seamless hybrid multicloud experience.

A hybrid multicloud environment is essential to support today's workloads such as AI, DevOps, and modern enterprise apps that run in the cloud, across the cloud, and on-premises. But the hybrid multicloud must deliver choices, not complexity. The right experience is key.

Now NetApp enables you to realize the power of the cloud in one seamless experience everywhere. You can now bring your public cloud experience on premises and free your developers to build anywhere.

  • NetApp® Kubernetes Service on NetApp HCI delivers a consistent public cloud experience on-premises to free your developers to build anywhere. Move applications across your environment to and from any cloud with application mobility services for private clouds,
  • Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI allows you to pay for on-premises infrastructure and services as you use them. ​
  • StorageGRID® support for AWS Glacier further reduces object storage costs.

To manage your data on the world's biggest clouds, in addition to the high-performance storage we’ve already announced with Azure​ and AWS Google Cloud is now available with the same application and data services ​

To manage, use, and pay for clouds, how you want to, as a single experience​ we have simplified licensing to enable you to move your data and applications wherever you want them to be, giving you the ultimate flexibility to operate your business now and where you want to be in the future​.

  • NetApp’s orchestration toolset
    • NetApp Fabric Orchestrator
  • You only pay for what you use. You manage the infrastructure yourself.
    • Cloud Consumption for NetApp HCI
  • You only pay for what you use. We manage the infrastructure and services for you.
    • Cloud Volumes Service On-Premises​​

And there are expanded capabilities for​

Let’s put all that in context.

Imagine that your organization is developing a new customer-facing cloud application.

    • You want to build it on-premises for regulatory and economic reasons, but your developers expect it to be as easy for them to use as the public cloud.
    • At the same time, they want to make the app portable so they can scale to any cloud without compromising service levels.
    • Transferring apps can be complicated, but the data is the real challenge, and that transfer needs to be managed as well.
    • Through all of this, you want a consistent management experience wherever the applications and data reside.

With the capabilities that we’re announcing in this launch, your company can now:

    • Enable developers to build applications on-premises as easily as in the public cloud.
    • Make the apps and data portable across a hybrid multicloud regardless of location, without compromising service levels.
    • Centrally orchestrate application and data services together across a hybrid multicloud.

At NetApp, we believe that you should build and consume your cloud on your terms. One seamless experience everywhere—that’s what building your data fabric can help you to achieve.

Matt Watts

As Chief Technology Evangelist, Matt Watts provides guidance on NetApp’s overall strategy and technology solutions to a wide base of customers and the global partner community. Matt is also part of the portfolio leadership team, providing advice and guidance on technology and transformation.

Matt is increasingly in demand as a keynote speaker, combining his knowledge of the IT industry with anecdotes and stories that bring technology to life with witty, easily understandable examples.

Prior to this role, Matt Project Managed a number of significant IT projects; managed System Engineers responsible for providing installation and onsite support; as well as overseeing IT outsourcing contracts. This experience has given him contact with all levels of Leadership, enabling him to understand, communicate with and support clients with their IT and transformation Strategies.

Matt Watts shares his experiences and industry learnings on his blog

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