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Fuel Data-Driven Innovation on Any Cloud.

Build Your Data Fabric.

Your data is anywhere and everywhere, in every form imaginable. And it’s growing by the minute, stored in public clouds, private clouds and on premises. Your teams leverage it to do their job, your business depends on it to survive and thrive. And now you can design your data fabric to deliver it where, when and how you need it.

Your data fabric, aligned with your business demands.

Optimize your IT investments. Pay for what you need as you need it. Orchestrate data across hybrid multicloud environments to deliver a single, unified experience. And since it’s your data fabric, go ahead and attach it to any cloud, without lock-in. You’re the boss.

  • Discover

    Understand the state of your data, applications, systems and services

  • Integrate

    Stitch everything together to gain control

  • Automate

    Define your rules so the fabric can take care of itself

  • Optimize

    Monitor the state of your fabric and react

  • Protect

    Backup and restore your data

  • Secure

    Protect your data from non-compliance, corruption, and unauthorized access

  • 01

    Free developers to build anywhere, everywhere.

    It’s your data and your business, but not always a single location. One seamless experience everywhere, that’s the goal. That’s what your developers demand. And that’s what your data fabric should be designed to deliver. Ensure that your data is always on, always available and easily consumed.

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  • 02

    Manage your data on the world’s biggest clouds.

    Move applications across your environment to and from any cloud. Pay for on-premises infrastructure and services as you use them. Reduce object storage costs through data fabric integration with AWS Glacier, the lowest cost object storage class. It’s smart, agile and affordable.

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  • 03

    Manage, use and pay for cloud how you want to.

    NetApp offers the comprehensive set of capabilities you need to become data driven, and we make it possible to consume cloud on your terms. Buy it however you want, even as a service. Bring the power of the cloud to your data fabric. It’s your data, your cloud.

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Consume cloud on your terms.

We give you ultimate financial and operational flexibility with data fabric delivered as a service, on-premises storage that you manage, available as a pay-as-you-use model, or infrastructure available as a fully managed on-demand service. We’re ready to meet you where you are today, and we’ll support wherever you may be in the future. Your data fabric. Your terms.

  • Manage it how you want to

    NetApp’s Fabric Orchestrator gives you everything you need to build and manage your data fabric.

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  • Pay for it how you want to

    Cloud consumption on premises. Pay for what you use. You can manage it yourself or we will manage it for you. Your choice.

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  • Consume it on any cloud

    Leverage your choice of clouds, on your terms. Pay-as-you-go and subscription models deliver flexibility, minimize risk, and provide access to the software and services your users demand.

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