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AI Summit San Francisco: NetApp, Core Scientific, and OmniSci Showcase Cloud-Style NVIDIA-Powered AI

Hoseb Dermanilian

There’s no doubt about how AI is empowering today’s businesses in almost every major industry. However, data scientists and data engineers are facing challenges of different kinds on their journey toward successful machine learning and deep learning initiatives.

One major challenge is choosing the right platform. Data center readiness, data privacy concerns, cost, scalability, and many other factors drive this choice, which in most cases can’t be sorted out overnight. This leaves many data scientists struggling to start their ML and DL journey or to scale over time. This challenge also applies to data-sensitive organizations that want to start their AI journey in the cloud but are obliged to remain on the premises.

All of these challenges make it necessary to combine the power of data science tools, DevOps, GPU compute power, and data pipeline management in a very simple—as a service—cloud-style opex offering that enables organizations to accelerate their ML and DL projects.

This week at the AI Summit San Francisco, NetApp will showcase its end-to-end AI solutions with its partners NVIDIA, Core Scientific, and OmniSci. The NetApp, NVIDIA, and Core Scientific offerings range all the way from an AI Lab offering for data scientists who want to kick-start their AI journey immediately with one of the tools in the AI Lab catalog, to dedicated colocated or opex-fashioned highly available GPU compute and data management platforms.

Core Scientific’s NetApp and NVIDIA-based as-a-service solution comes with several unique features, such as the ability to have a cloud-connected data pipeline so that customers can easily create a hybrid cloud model AI platform for their data scientists. Another important feature is NetApp’s strong integration with DevOps and data science at-scale tools such as Kubernetes and Kubeflow that give customers a true cloud-style AI-as-a-service experience.

Moreover, to elevate the conversation into real-life use cases, NetApp will showcase its integration with OmniSci for real-time IoT analytics and machine learning. OmniSciDB is the world’s fastest open-source, GPU-accelerated database. OmniSci harnesses the massive parallel processing of GPUs to deliver SQL queries across billions of records in milliseconds, making it possible to visualize IoT big data and support machine learning in real time. As you may have guessed, OmniSciDB is one of the integrated solutions offered as part of Core Scientific’s end-to-end AI Lab offering.

To learn more, and to see NetApp solutions in action along with NVIDIA, Core Scientific, and OmniSci, join my session at the AI Summit San Francisco on Wednesday, September 25 at 10:20 a.m., or visit NetApp booth 504 during the show, September 25 and 26.

Hoseb Dermanilian

Hoseb joined NetApp in 2014. In his current role, he manages and develops AI and Digital Transformation business globally. Hoseb's focus is to propose and discuss NetApp's value add in the AI and Digital Transformation space as well as helping customers build the right platform for their data driven business strategies. As part of the business development, Hoseb is also focused on developing NetApp AI channel business by recruiting and enabling the right AI ecosystem partners and enabling Go-To-Market strategies with those partners. Hoseb is coming from a technical background. In his previous role, He was the Consulting System Engineer for NetApp’s video surveillance and big data analytics solutions. Hoseb holds a Masters degree with distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut and he has multiple globally recognized conference and journal publications in the field of IP Security and Cryptography.

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