Fuel Artificial Intelligence with the data it needs Deeper Learning

Fuel Artificial Intelligence with the Data It Needs

Deeper Learning. Smarter Insights. Better Results.

Get Your Data Flowing. From Edge to Core to Cloud.

AI - Edge

Collect all the data you need – from desktop, mobile, and IoT – to fuel your learning algorithms.

AI Core

Your data, securely stored and easily accessible, to train your models and inform your applications.

AI Cloud

Integrate and run the best AI services the cloud has to offer as part of your data pipeline.

Powering AI with NVIDIA

Services for Data Center Modernization

How NVIDIA and NetApp Work Together

Collaborating to help you get the most from your AI and deep learning strategies.

Solutions with NVIDIA

Solutions with NVIDIA

Combine industry-leading GPU performance with best-in-class data management, for smarter, faster AI.

Data Management for Your AI Data Pipeline

The tools you need to optimize your AI, machine learning, and deep learning projects.


AI and deep learning on-premises, and in the hybrid cloud.


Accelerate your AI workloads with the fastest all-flash storage.

ONTAP Select

Collect and deliver data efficiently from the edge, using IoT devices and aggregations points.

Cloud Volumes

Deploy your AI applications on a cloud-native data infrastructure in seconds.