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ONTAP AI: Delivering the promise

D-I-Y has its place, like weed control. Building out your AI infrastructure is another story. ONTAP AI consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference compute into a single, 5-petaflop AI system.

Why NetApp ONTAP AI?

What AI promises, ONTAP AI delivers

Powered by NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and NetApp cloud-connected all-flash storage, NetApp ONTAP AI helps you fully realize the promise of AI and deep learning (DL). You can simplify, accelerate, and integrate your data pipeline with the ONTAP AI proven architecture. Streamline the flow of data reliably and speed up analytics, training, and inference with your data fabric that spans from edge to core to cloud.

NetApp ONTAP AI is one of the first converged infrastructure stacks to incorporate NVIDIA DGX A100, the world’s first 5-petaflop AI system, and NVIDIA Mellanox® high-performance Ethernet switches. You get unified AI workloads, simplified deployment, and fast return on investment.

Key benefits

Simplify, scale, and integrate your data pipeline for DL with the ONTAP AI proven architecture, powered by NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and NetApp cloud-connected all-flash storage.

Get started in AI faster

Simplify the design, configuration, installation, and support of your AI environment. Deploy AI your way with preconfigured solutions that are built on a field-proven, validated reference architecture and sized for the most common use cases—with comprehensive support.

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Start small and grow as you need to

Don’t get locked into a particular configuration. Whether you configure your own reference architecture or choose a preconfigured integrated solution, you can scale from wherever you begin. Go from tens of terabytes and a couple of DGX nodes to tens of petabytes and up to eight nodes of DGX.

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Intelligently manage data across the pipeline

Only NetApp offers smart, powerful, trusted solutions that are designed to help build your data fabric, from edge to core to cloud. Enhance your journey to AI with validated software from Domino Data Lab, Iguazio, and more. The NetApp AI Control Plane and Data Science Toolkit deliver advanced data management capabilities to help your data scientists and engineers speed up time to insight.

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ONTAP AI: Built on a verified architecture that combines NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™, NetApp AFF storage, and Mellanox networking to supercharge your AI and DL environments.

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Industry-leading NVIDIA DGX AI servers

At the heart of ONTAP AI are NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™, a fully integrated hardware and software turnkey system that’s purpose-built for DL. The DGX platform uses the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Software Stack, which is optimized for maximum GPU-accelerated DL performance.

State-of-the-art networking

Mellanox 100Gb Ethernet switches are low-latency, dense, high-performance, cost-effective 100Gbps switches designed for the data center.

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Natural language processing and computer vision for next-generation AI

Train your computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) workloads faster with a simplified AI data management infrastructure that keeps your data flowing.

Ask our AI solution specialists your question

Sometimes you just want to get your specific questions answered, fast. So we’ve opened a direct access channel to our AI solution specialists. This channel does not route to or through sales--when you’re ready to talk, they’ll be standing by. But right now, we want to help you get on the fast track to solving your challenges.

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How AI is changing our world

Take a look at how organizations are putting AI to use around the world.

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NetApp AI Partner Network

Introducing the NetApp AI Partner Network, an AI partner ecosystem that extends and enhances NetApp technology.

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Next steps

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NetApp® Keystone™ provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

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