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Ducati and NetApp: Riding on cloud nine

With its first MotoGP Riders’ World Title in 15 years and a second consecutive Teams’ Championship in the bag, hear from the Ducati Lenovo Team about performance and data.

Ducati motorcycle

Pop the Champagne: A winning NetApp global partnership continues

We are thrilled to announce that NetApp has extended its sponsorship of the Ducati Lenovo Team. We’ve achieved so much together these past six years, so the multi-year partnership is destined to be as frictionless as the data they use to rack up points.

Ducati race crew

Leading the hunt for speed

Numbers. They don’t just mean a lot to Ducati Corse Electronic Systems Director Gabriele Conti—they mean everything. After all, with roughly 40 physical sensors mounted on each MotoGP race bike, there’s a lot of data to play with. Step into the pits and get schooled by a true specialist.

Ducati racer

Ducati logo

We are delighted to build on the collaboration with NetApp, which has developed well over the past years to exploit the limitless possibilities that the power of data can bring to the motorbike racing world.

Luigi Dall'Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager

MGP21 Team Launch Overall

Facilitating marginal gains

Ducati’s on-track performance is fueled by a constant stream of data. NetApp services ensure that the team can extract the maximum value from test and race weekend practice sessions. The insights gained can be the difference between pole position and the second row.

NetApp Ducati partnership rider

Responding in real time

Race Day is the culmination of all the knowledge Ducati has accumulated in preparation. Through dashboard messages and pit wall signal, the riders and team can react and make changes to maintain the podium challenge.

NetApp – Ducati Partnership racer showing metal

Data analysis never stops

It’s all about the data. Preparation for the next race is happening during the current race. For that to happen effectively, engineers and data analysts need to be able to store, secure, protect, and preserve fixed-content data over long periods of time.

Ducati team cheering

By the numbers

    • 6x
    • greater storage capacity
    • 4x
    • more compute power
    • 30%
    • reduction in time to market

Ducati isn’t the only factory we call home

Vehicle manufacturers like Ducati, along with their suppliers, trust NetApp to help build a data fabric that moves their digital transformation into the fast lane. Our solutions deliver the data mobility and manufacturing agility needed to unlock the potential of vehicle AI, raise the IQ of smart factories, and make sure that data access never gets in the way of innovation.

NetApp Ducati Official Rider

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