Ducati Corse and NetApp: Innovation at 356 kmph (221 mph)

In our 4 years together, we’ve helped the Ducati Lenovo Team build a podium-climbing data fabric to think smarter, move faster, and win back-to-back MotoGP Constructors' World Titles. Our innovation-fueled performance gains... fuel theirs at top speed.

Pop the Champagne

A winning NetApp global partnership turns 5

We are thrilled to announce that NetApp has extended its sponsorship of the Ducati Lenovo Team through the 2023 MotoGP World Championship season. Considering what we’ve achieved together these past 4 years, the next 2 are destined to be as data frictionless as they are points hoarding.

Their data, our aerodynamics

The Ducati Lenovo Team needs to be able to rapidly analyze real-time data collected from more than nearly 60 sensors on each race bike. NetApp® ONTAP® software helps securely deliver this data where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Insights from this information help the team quickly optimize performance.

Ducati race crew

Working better together, far apart

To allow engineers to collaborate efficiently all over the world, the team employs a new virtual desktop environment for optimizing 3D product design in complex development projects. With the rich functionalities of NetApp® StorageGRID® object storage, engineers and developers can securely leverage and archive all project data.

Ducati racer and crew

Removing the speed bumps of innovation

As part of the team’s data center modernization, cloud-connected NetApp® AFF A-Series systems have consolidated approximately 200 applications and more than 300TB of data. With real-time access to assets from anywhere in the world, engineers and designers rely on a single, unified system that enables optimal productivity.

Ducati race crew

Leading the hunt for speed

Numbers. They don’t just mean a lot to Ducati Corse Electronic Systems Director Gabriele Conti—they mean everything. After all, with almost 60 sensors mounted on each bike, there’s a lot of data to play with. Step into the pits and get schooled by a true specialist.

Ducati racer

Ducati logo

We are delighted to build on the collaboration with NetApp, which has developed well over the past 4 years to exploit the limitless possibilities that the power of data can bring to the motorbike racing world.

Luigi Dall'Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager

MGP21 Team Launch Overall

Accelerating innovation beyond the track

Using the same “connected bike” technology that helps improve performance on the track, the Ducati Link app collects valuable data from tens of thousands of street motorcycles around the globe. This data is used as a catalyst for innovation that helps improve rider performance and deliver new models that customers love. From edge to core to cloud, NetApp® technology plays a key role in storing and managing this data.

Ducati race crew

By the numbers

    • 6x
    • greater storage capacity
    • 4x
    • more compute power
    • 30%
    • reduction in time to market

Ducati isn’t the only factory we call home

Vehicle manufacturers like Ducati, along with their suppliers, trust NetApp to help build a data fabric that moves their digital transformation into the fast lane. Our solutions deliver the data mobility and manufacturing agility needed to unlock the potential of vehicle AI, raise the IQ of smart factories, and make sure that data access never gets in the way of innovation.

aston martin and netapp sponsored car manufacture
Ducati racer

Welcome to the Ducati Lenovo Team

What’s red, fast, and likes climbing podiums? Ducati Lenovo Team riders, of course. Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia are back in the saddle for the 2022 season, fearlessly pushing their Desmosedici GPs to the limit as they rack up points and contend for the MotoGP World Championship. Meet them, explore their machines, and stay up to date on breaking news and results.

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