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DreamWorks Animation and NetApp: Unleashing imagination with data

Generating over a petabyte of data per film, DreamWorks' global creative workforce needs fast access to its work. Leveraging NetApp® technology, DreamWorks quickly and efficiently manages the massive amount of data needed to bring its animated features to life.

Bringing ones and zeros to life

With an average of 50,000 jobs rendered daily during production, performance is everything for DreamWorks. NetApp® AFF A-Series all-flash arrays are smart, powerful, and trusted solutions that take advantage of modern cloud technologies to deliver the speed, efficiency, and security that high-performance workloads require.

DreamWorks Puss In Boots The Last Wish

Moving at the speed of change

At DreamWorks, digital storage and data management are critical to the production workflow. Billions of files and petabytes of data must be efficiently managed and accessed across on premises, private, and public cloud for the studio to be able to pivot its hybrid cloud strategy and meet changing business demands.

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour

Keeping the data paparazzi at bay

DreamWorks leverages NetApp® SnapMirror® as a replication tool to achieve high data availability and fast data replication.

DreamWorks The Croods: A New Age

Scaling creative performance at every level

DreamWorks must adapt to changing business demands as needed by scaling capacity up or down, on demand, and without disruption or downtime. NetApp® SolidFire® all-flash storage enables dynamic scaling, predictable performance, automated simplicity, and flexible deployment. 

DreamWorks The Boss Baby: Family Business

Intelligent data infrastructure in action

DreamWorks Animation’s movies consist of extraordinary imagery and sequences made up of billions of pixels. Every pixel is the result of harmony between data and creativity — and that data is supported by NetApp solutions. See the intelligent data solution in action with a dynamic infographic that traces the path to 100% data availability.

DreamWorks logo

The combined flexibility and agility of NetApp's solutions have enabled us to meet the creative ambitions of our artists, allowing DreamWorks to produce the movies of our filmmakers’ imaginations.

Skottie Miller | Technology Fellow for Systems Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

Skottie Miller
Dreamworks a comcast company

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