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Aston Martin F1® and NetApp

: Data fueled, race ready

The best Formula One® teams are built on partnerships that drive innovation and push the limits of performance. We are thrilled to help Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team unlock the best of cloud, optimize its track to factory data transfer, and accelerate its climb to the top.

AMF1 Racecar

Celebrating our joint future

We're revved up about our continued partnership with Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team. With an intensive focus on future-forward innovation, both on and off the track, we're excited for all the big wins ahead.

Fans in stands waiving to AMF1® car on track.

FlexPod equals fast data storage

When every millisecond matters, the AMF1® Team needs data storage that’s just as fast as they are. FlexPod has the technological horsepower necessary to help the team stay on top of their game.

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Fast can always be faster

Performance is everything at AMF1® Team. For IT, this means getting technology changes onto the car as quickly as possible so the team can translate them to performance on the track. Like a world-class pit crew, the NetApp® ONTAP® ecosystem provides endless performance benefits to help achieve maximum operational efficiency everywhere—from edge to core to cloud.

Aston Martin Formula One® Team car on racetrack

Bringing it across the line

From factory to wind tunnel to trackside, everything across the team’s infrastructure must flow effortlessly and be available the instant it’s needed. No matter what aspect of performance the data is driving, AMF1® Team knows speed is only valuable if it gets them across the finish line. NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® ensures enterprise reliability and continuous operations in case of failures in your cloud environment.

Close up of Aston Martin Formula One® Team driver in car

Forward focused, never idle

At AMF1® Team, one day’s best performance becomes the starting point for the next. Its IT team constantly pushes for better agility, more speed, and greater reliability. NetApp® Cloud Insights makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your resources and applications on premises and in the cloud. In racing and in business, knowledge is the slipstream of innovation.

Aston Martin Formula One® Team driver

How cloud reigns on track

Whether it’s rain, wind or sun, weather can have a significant impact on the track performance of Aston Martin’s Formula 1® Team car. While we can’t control what comes out of the sky, we can equip the team with cloud solutions that drive innovation and achieve optimum efficiency. Come heavy downpours or strong gusts, our cloud infrastructure is one the team can rely on every time.

Aston Martin’s Formula 1® Team car

Blog: Charting a path to victory with AMF1’s CIO

How critical is data’s role in the sport of Formula One®? We sat down with AMF1® Team’s CIO for a behind-the-curtain look at how the team captures and uses massive amounts of data to gain milliseconds of performance when it matters most—race weekend.

Thirst for data

    • 22
    • Races in the F1 season
    • 440 GB
    • Telemetry data/race
    • 10.12 TB
    • Telemetry data/season

Our experience in the auto industry goes beyond racing

Automakers like Aston Martin, along with their suppliers, trust NetApp to help move their digital transformation into the fast lane. Our solutions deliver the data mobility and manufacturing agility needed to unlock the potential of automotive AI, raise the I.Q. of smart factories, and ensure that data access never gets in the way of innovation.

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We need both on prem and cloud to give us the flexibility with capacity and compute capability where we need it. NetApp was the obvious choice for helping us build a race fabric to be competitive.

Clare Lansley | CIO, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team

Clare Lansley,CIO, smiling in AMF1 shirt
NetApp and AMF1 driver

Team up with AMF1®

You don't need to be a world-renowned driver to unlock the same levels of performance and flexibility for your business. See how NetApp can deliver as much for you as we do for the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team® by setting up a call today.

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