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Porsche Motorsport and NetApp

NetApp helps fuel Porsche Motorsport success across continents.

Intelligent data. Lightning-fast results.

By expanding its partnership with NetApp, Porsche Motorsport drives for success both in the Formula E and traditional racing arenas. Take a deeper look into how NetApp is enabling the teams’ real-time decision making.

Two world-class racing teams. One intelligent data infrastructure.

The race formats differ, but the data approach remains the same: working with NetApp to build an intelligent data infrastructure. Now that’s what we call winning.

TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

When it comes to sustainability, NetApp and Porsche Formula E are way out in front of the competition.

Porsche Penske Motorsport

NetApp and Porsche Penske. Two leaders, coming together to make one winning team.

Porsche and NetApp logos

With NetApp stepping up to be our Official Data Infrastructure Partner, Porsche Motorsport is looking forward to on-track success for many years to come. It’s all about analyzing data at race speed.

Carlo Wiggers, Director Team Management, Business Relations and Esports at Porsche Motorsport

Two Porsche drivers

Data drives sustainable change

Just like Porsche Formula E, NetApp is committed to winning – and doing it sustainably. By making data available at HQ in real time, we are helping them do just that.

Winning across multiple dimensions

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