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Vem Sistemi SpA

VEM Sistemi is a system integrator and an all-round smart company, founded in Forlì in 1986, with offices in Milan, Modena, Padova, Rome and Senigallia. 

Thanks to its unique holistic vision, VEM Sistemi is able to offer and integra­te different systems and services - network infrastructures, data center, cloud technologies, collaboration solutions, cyber security, building di­gitalization, custom software development - combining expertise with world-class technologies to meet customer’s real needs. 

As a NetApp Platinum Partner, VEM Sistemi is a provider of Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions, with a large team of skilled, experienced and NetApp-certified engineers in ONTAP, HCI, FlexPod and object storage architectures. 

Solution Specializations

  • Data Protection Specialized
  • Data Security Specialized
  • FlexPod Specialized
  • Infrastructure Specialized

Services Specializations


  • Cloud
  • E-Series
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • ONTAP Data Protection
  • StorageGRID
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  • Forli, Italy

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