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Vector Data LLC

Vector Data builds Rugged, Carrier-Grade & Custom systems for telecom, defense, oil & gas, transportation, aviation, aerospace and other industries that cannot deploy Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware.

Vector Data builds custom -48V DC power supplies for many NetApp platforms including AFF A800, A400, A250, EF300 and more.  Vector Data also obtains telecom certifications including NEBS Level 3, ETSI, KCC, VCC and others so these products can be deployed in telecom central offices.  Vector Data’s NetApp-based Vault systems offer enhanced operating capabilities for harsh environments including extended high and low operating temperatures, extended operating altitude, dust filtration and more.  Among the many tests and certifications Vector Data performs are vibration, earthquake, fire and more.

Vector Data builds its Vault Edge line of custom compact rugged and semi-rugged storage systems based on ONTAP Select.  These systems are small enough to fit into a backpack or vehicle and offer up to 8x30TB SSD’s.  With ONTAP Select, these small platforms can use SnapMirror and other NetApp technologies to mirror data back to larger core NetApp systems in the data center.

Vector Data’s OpenPod solution is a complete hardware infrastructure platform for NFV and 5G and NetApp AFF is a certified storage platform.

Solution Competencies

Hybrid Cloud

  • Monitoring & Optimization with NetApp Cloud Insights
  • Cyber Resiliency – NetApp Technologies for Security & Ransomware Protection
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  • Northville, United States

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