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Stark Technology Inc.

敦陽科技(簡稱本公司)是國內優質系統整合廠商,為客戶提供最完善的資訊系統整合服務,客戶已超過二千多家。本公司名列台灣地區服務業500大企業之一,以代理世界性領導品牌的產品、提供最先進的資訊技術與專業服務 。其主要服務項目是以本公司所代理各領域知名資訊產品,提供相關的專業性諮詢服務及顧問服務,協助企業發揮最大之營運效益。

Stark Technology, Inc. (STI) is the largest domestic system integrator in Taiwan. We provide more than 2,000 customers with complete system integration services of information and communication technology (ICT) products. As one of Taiwan's top 500 service enterprises, we plan and deliver complete ICT solutions for a wide spectrum of industries through representing and reselling the world's leading products. We are one of the healthiest, stable, financially strong, and viewed as a model company among the public system integrators in Taiwan. Visit us at 

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  • Hsinchu, Taiwan

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