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SQream Technologies Ltd.

For enterprises that have very large or massive data stores and SQL queries that either take too long or are unattainable, SQream DB is the only GPU powered SQL analytics data warehouse that enables fast, actionable and often previously unreachable insights and intelligence in record time. SQream DB allows organizations to analyze over 20x the amount of data at up to 100x faster at as little as 10% of the cost and administration. SQream DB typically reduces query time to analytics from days to hours, hours to minutes, or even seconds. 

Better performance provides enterprises with the ability to use data while it is still fresh and to access and trend historical data for better forecasting and reporting. The ability to analyze larger amounts of the stored data enables critical insights for improving business and competitive advantage. With SQream, enterprises can store, access and deliver analytics on more data, faster and at a much lower cost. Deployment can be executed on premise, or on the cloud.

Technology Solutions

  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Data Services
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