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Softchoice LP

We're passionate about the potential of technology. Here’s why we believe there’s never been a better time to create the future.

Technology is the great enabler. It transforms. And it allows people and business to achieve some pretty remarkable things. But taking advantage of the latest innovation is more complex (and risky) than many people would like. That's to say nothing about the challenge of maintaining the technology you’ve already got.

For Softchoice, being a North American Solutions and Services Provider is about one thing: building great customer relationships by making it simple for organizations to use technology to grow their success. To do this we’ve created the most complete solutions and services offering anywhere in North America. That includes the expertise to take advantage of the latest innovation as well as tools and resources to make the most of your existing IT infrastructure.

Solution Competencies


  • Cloud Data Modernization with AWS
  • Cloud Data Modernization with Azure

Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid Multicloud with VMware

Services Certified


  • Cloud
  • EF-Series

Lifecycle Services

  • Hybrid Cloud
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  • Toronto, Canada

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