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SECNOLOGY is a US-based startup specialized in delivering an event automation and orchestration solution. It is an Active Control Cockpit able to capture, detect, process, and respond appropriately to events in the area of the Big Data Mining. SECNOLOGY is dedicated to providing users, managers and experts with the most powerful and easiest solution to manage and monitor centrally, globally, and automatically all events related to their information system, the way they need, any time and without compromising data integrity. SECNOLOGY focuses on delivering the best solution to corporate users seeking full visibility and complete knowledge of their data events to help them make the best decisions for their business and to take immediate actions to act or react on an event on their behalf.

Based in Troy (Michigan), SECNOLOGY works in close collaboration with its partners throughout the United States and around the world to deliver the best quality product and services.

Technology Solutions

  • Big Data
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  • El Granada, United States

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