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Scasicomp SA

Our skills allow us to offer a full range of data center architecture solutions and to insure IT agility for our customers. Our teams qualify your operational needs in terms of SLA / performance. Then, they intervene for the design, the deployment, the supervision, the optimization and the evolution of the infrastructure of the Information System. SCASICOMP offers its entire expert's added value in the audit, the design, the integration, the implementation, the know-how transmission, the support and the maintenance. Our objective is to make the IT infrastructure successful, economic and agile to sustain the success of the company via Cloud, Bi-Modal IT, Data Management, DevOps, Big Data or Managed Services approaches. Our mission is also to release your teams IT of the constraints of management and supervision so that they can dedicate themselves to their heart of business. 

Scasicomp is a NetApp partner since 2001. Our specialists are often rewarded like in 2019 with the Cloud Award. We have the higher levels of NetApp Certification: Support Certified, Professional Service Certified, Service Support Premium, Implementation Services Certified – StorageGRID, and As-a-Services provider. We also are members of the global influencer program #NetAppUnited.

Solution Competencies

Hybrid Cloud

  • XaaS Built with ONTAP
  • XaaS Built with StorageGRID
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  • Boulogne-Billancourt, France

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