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Netway SA

Netway is an integrator specialized in tech infrastructure solutions. Our portfolio is composed of every element within a data center including switching and routing, storage, virtualization, high availability software and server infrastructure solutions; we have partnered exclusively with vendors’ whose technologies place in the upper right locations within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Our team of partner certified engineers has extensive technical training, field experience and are under programs of continuing education to making sure we can provide our customers the latest solutions with direct support from our brands.

Adapting to ever-changing markets and digital transformation trends, we are focusing on key areas such as hybrid cloud integration, high availability and replication software, site recovery policy implementation and software-defined primary infrastructure to support and enhance our customers’ existing data centers. As of 2020, we are certified to design, implement, and support NetApp, Cisco and other vendors for the most important institutions in Costa Rica such as the Legislative Assembly, the Telecommunications Superintendence (SUTEL), and the National Oil & Refinery Company (RECOPE).


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  • San Jose, Costa Rica

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