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Our core mission is to design and build innovative infrastructure solutions for our clients, whether it’s for VMs or containers. These solutions can be hosted on-premises, in our Cloud or virtually anywhere. We offer both turnkey and custom solutions. 

We operate in three primary domains: 

  • Integration: We specialize in the integration of infrastructure, systems, firewalls, backups, Active Directory, and M365. 
  • Cloud Provisioning: We serve as a cloud provider ourselves, leveraging the VMware Cloud Director platform and other complementary solutions. 
  • Managed Services: We offer 24/7 managed services to operate and maintain the solutions from the above two domains. 

Moreover, in partnership with NetApp, we seamlessly integrate with ONTAP and BlueXP solutions, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of our offerings. 

We firmly believe that the value of NEOEDGE lies in this framework. 

In essence, our vision is straightforward: 

  • Implement high-value solutions. 
  • Provide solutions that address today's challenges, such as security, mobility, and multi-cloud environments. 
  • Offload the daily management of infrastructures, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

Solution Competencies

Hybrid Cloud

  • Monitoring & Optimization with NetApp Cloud Insights
  • Cyber Resiliency – NetApp Technologies for Security & Ransomware Protection

Services Certified


  • EF-Series
  • Hybrid Cloud


  • ONTAP Data Protection

Technology Solutions

  • StorageGRID
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  • Marseille, France

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