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DriveSavers Data Recovery

DriveSavers offers the fastest, most reliable, and certified secure data recovery services 24/7 globally, successfully recovering from all devices including NetApp systems.

We have partnered with NetApp for many years, and have custom tools developed for recovery from all high-end NAS and SAN systems, including ONTAP and SANtricity storage arrays.

We have extensive experience recovering data from deleted or corrupted WAFL, iSCSI or virtual disks, deleted volumes and aggregates or RAID systems.

With dedicated Engineering, R&D and Customer Service teams trained to effectively manage NetApp customer needs, DriveSavers is uniquely positioned to assist you with all data loss situations, securely, quickly, and with a focus on the best technical outcomes possible.

DriveSavers meets high security protocols and posts proof of annual SOC 2 Type II audit, FERPA and HIPAA privacy compliance, with engineers operating a state-of-the-art certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom.

We offer worldwide service for a diverse range of customers including Fortune 500 companies, governments, small to medium-sized businesses and home users.

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