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Founded in 2007, YNK Technology is mainly to provide software and hardware integrated storage backup system and technical services as the main business axis, and at the end of 2007 into the virtualization management solutions, dedicated to assisting customers with information systems integration and virtualization applications, increase system integration and provide complete virtualization management. Since 2008, we have been rebalancing the IT development trend with "data" as the center. In addition to providing open architecture storage hardware, management software, and professional services that need to be refined to solve the increasingly complex storage management problems of our enterprise customers, we have also built a team of Enterprise Intelligence Consultants to help our customers to systematically extract enterprise intelligence from data or information in the course of enterprise development, and we have been working hard to build up a team of consultants to help our customers with enterprise intelligence. In view of the increasing demand for systematic extraction of corporate intelligence from data or information in the course of corporate development, we have built a team of corporate intelligence consultants to enable corporate customers to store, manage, protect and distribute their data or information more effectively, and at the same time, utilize their valuable information assets flexibly to enhance their competitive advantages and the overall efficiency of corporate operations. Our professionals have many years of experience in storage equipment and system virtualization, providing professional data storage, virtualization, off-site redundancy and high reliability system construction and consulting services and can assist customers to analyze and discover the difficulties of the existing system performance, and then provide effective solutions to simplify the system management of the information center.

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Hybrid Cloud

  • Monitoring & Optimization with NetApp Cloud Insights
  • Cyber Resiliency – NetApp Technologies for Security & Ransomware Protection
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