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Cirrus Networks Pty Ltd.

Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited (ASX: CNW) is an innovative IT solutions provider who works with businesses to understand their technological needs and implement world leading solutions that are both cost effective and provide long term operational gain. The diverse reach of Cirrus means the company is able to provide a wide range of solutions including:

  • Data Centre and Cloud
  • Convergence
  • Storage
  • Data management (including big data)
  • Network design and optimisation
  • Business continuity
  • End user computing
  • Unified communications and IP Telephony
  • High quality IT Service Management, Consulting and Project Management services

Excellent service and an innovative, holistic approach has seen Cirrus quickly grow an extensive base of blue chip clients across industry sectors. The rapid expansion of Cirrus has seen the company receive a number of awards as one of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies.

Solution Specializations

  • Hosting Service Provider Specialized
  • Infrastructure Specialized

Services Specializations


  • Cloud
  • E-Series
  • StorageGRID

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  • Perth, Australia

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