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CDW Logistics Inc.

CDW Logistics Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions in the U.S. and Canada. We help our 250,000 small, medium and large business, government, education and healthcare customers by delivering critical solutions to their increasingly complex IT needs. A Fortune 500 company, CDW was founded in 1984 and has more than 7,200 employees. 

Our broad array of offerings range from discrete hardware and software products to integrated IT solutions such as mobility, security, data center optimization, cloud computing, virtualization and collaboration. We utilize NetApp storage systems in both our hosted and managed data centers.

Customer Benefits

  • Installation and configuration
  • Hardware/software upgrades
  • Data migrations
  • Performance, tuning and diagnostics

Solution Specializations

  • Cloud Preferred
  • FlexPod Specialized
  • Infrastructure Specialized
  • Spot by NetApp Preferred

Services Certified


  • Cloud
  • FlexPod

Lifecycle Services

Keystone Lifecycle Services

Keystone Operations

NetApp Keystone Sell-with

Keystone Subscription

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  • Lincolnshire, United States

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