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Cambridge Computer Services Inc.

Over the last 25+ years, Cambridge Computer has evolved a business model that provides a unique value proposition for technical leaders and decision makers, allowing us to prioritize your technical and business objectives.

Our business is a broker-agent model. We provide resources, ideas, and expertise in innovative ways when our clients are evaluating technical direction, vetting products and technologies, and purchasing hardware, software, subscriptions, and professional services. Our team consists of industry analysts, technologists, hands-on consultants, and entrepreneurs, who all continually invest in building relationships with industry players and learning technologies and products, so you can treat us as an extension of your IT team. The longevity of our business and the breadth of our experience in the higher education, research computing, bioinformatics, media & entertainment, and technology industries helps us cross-pollinate best practices and lessons learned in these particularly challenging environments.

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  • Waltham, United States

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