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ASTEC Co., Ltd.

Astec Corporation, an ICT Solution Company, is engaged in a variety of businesses, including proposals, construction, sales, and service provision, with a focus on ICT infrastructure construction services. As a group of engineers in the three pillars of ICT solutions: Network, Storage, and Security, we provide proposal and construction services to customers and system integrators in various industries in Japan.

In addition to building sales of on-premises storage such as the FAS/AFF series, which has supported many ICT platforms for a long time, we are actively promoting the construction and provision of ICT infrastructure using virtualization such as ONTAP Select and Cloud Volumes ONTAP and cloud services. In the rapidly evolving business environment of our customers, we provide a truly appropriate Hybrid Cloud environment to our customers with the ICT infrastructure construction technology we have cultivated over many years and the cloud technology that can flexibly respond to business development.

Solution Competencies

Hybrid Cloud

  • Application Optimization with Oracle
  • Monitoring & Optimization with NetApp Cloud Insights
  • Cyber Resiliency – NetApp Technologies for Security & Ransomware Protection
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  • Suita-Shi, Japan

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