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Advent One is a long-standing IT service provider in the Australian market head-quartered in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney and Adelaide. At Advent One, we pride ourselves on making customer challenges our own. We are recognised for solving intricate dilemmas, not only making technology work but building foundations that you can grow upon in an effective and secure way. For almost twenty years, we have been specialists in helping our customers with their most sophisticated technology layers. In recent years we have complemented these foundations with new capabilities to enable cloud migration and transformation of the traditional IT landscape for our customers.

As skilled resources become increasingly harder to find in Australia, Advent One have invested heavily to become a leading expert in infrastructure automation as well as automating critical security initiatives. Advent One’s deep experience with critical enterprise workloads makes us uniquely positioned to help our customers. We provide advisory services to optimise existing environments and partner with you to build a strategy to modernise and transform your technology environment for the digital world.

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  • Southbank, Australia

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