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Advanced AI and Autonomy depend on massive amounts of data generated at the Edge to fuel continuous Deep Learning (DL). Akridata was formed in 2018 to solve AI’s Exascale data problem, a requirement to move AI out of experimentation and into production in the real-world. From automotive and transportation, to retail and healthcare, solving this data challenge is a major obstacle preventing AI-enabled products from making it to the marketplace. 

The Akridata team collectively brings years of experience ranging from deep engineering, fundamental research, and business experience and has a track record of building and scaling startups. We offer an ensemble of products that can be consumed as a single platform or as a standalone that collectively help the customers in data exploration, ingestion and training pipelines for AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Since starting Akridata in 2018, our platform has processed 20 petabytes of visual data for Fortune 100 customers.  

The company has raised $15M in Series A financing and is backed by Accel, Streamlined Ventures and MFV. Akridata is headquartered in Los Altos, California and has presence in North America, Japan, and India.  

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  • AI
  • Cloud Data Services
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