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Revitalize EHR for better patient care

EHR has become essential in healthcare delivery systems in the past decade. But it demands significant investment in infrastructure to run clinical workloads without sacrificing reliability and performance.

Why use NetApp for your EHR?

Better, faster patient outcomes

Unlock the full value of your EHR data with our smart solutions for on-premises, hybrid cloud or cloud. End data silos, facilitate data interoperability, protect patient information, and cut costs, but not performance.

EHR just got simpler with NetApp ONTAP

The healthcare providers are grappling with an exponential growth of data, and while there's no silver bullet to solving this challenge, adopting hybrid cloud can have huge benefits. With NetApp ONTAP at its heart, our hybrid cloud solution helps build a unified hybrid cloud that seamlessly integrates on-premises environments with your choice of public clouds, providing a common storage layer with consistent tools and processes to manage, protect and move your enterprise data and applications with ease.

Speed your journey to the cloud with FSx for Healthcare

Moving EHR technology to the cloud will reduce costs and make it simpler to adapt successfully to changing circumstances and support continuous care. With FSx you can lift and shift your EHR to the cloud without refactoring.

Migrate to the cloud with EHR performance software for ANF

Now you can deliver the best patient experience possible by running your EHR in the cloud using ONTAP data management software. Lift and shift without refactoring – and reduce costs too.

From our customers

See how our customers are partnering with NetApp to set new standards in patient care.

Michigan Medicine Innovating With Cloud Transformation

We have a vision here at Michigan Medicine to deliver good care and train exceptional physicians, but also deliver that care throughout the State of Michigan

Dr. Tim Calahan, Chief Technology Officer, Michigan Medicine

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