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NetApp GovCloud

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Flexible. Predictable. Compliant. Secure.

Why NetApp GovCloud Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)?

A secure and flexible storage service that manages and stores your data where you need it. Pay for what you need, for as long as you need it stored. STaaS is extremely simple and economical to use across an entire data footprint, precisely aligned with ever-changing data needs.

We're excited to announce that NetApp has been formally appointed to the NSW government's cloud purchasing arrangements (CPA) panel. This means you can acquire approved NetApp technology through your NSW government preferred partner. Contracts are designed for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) via the public cloud delivery model for NSW government buyers.

Primary use cases

  • Database and virtualised applications
  • High-capacity applications
  • Backup and replication 
  • Long-term archiving

Stay compliant

Data is stored in a secure multi-tenanted environment within GovCloud, keeping it in your ownership and control. Your data also resides within the borders of NSW to ensure compliance with data sovereignty policies as outlined by the NSW government.

Maintain control of your data

Unlike many cloud providers, there is no cost for adding or removing data from your STaaS Capacity Pack. You can also choose to move from one storage service to another without a change in fee. With STaaS, you are not locked into a particular storage service level, so you can accommodate any performance requirements for short-term projects or entire enterprise-wide upgrades.

Connect to GovCloud

Extend your data environment into GovCloud via Equinix Cloud Connect or Direct Connect. This lets you take advantage of NetApp STaaS and its advanced data management capabilities, while leveraging cloud scale compute resources at the same time.


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Who can buy STaaS in GovCloud?

STaaS is an enterprise-class service that allows any public sector body defined by the NSW government to store their data securely within GovCloud. This includes:

  • NSW government
  • Local councils
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Private health organisations
  • Private schools
  • Universities
  • Commonwealth public authorities
  • Any state or territory agency
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Business advantages

Own and control your data

Meet your data compliance and data sovereignty requirements.

Realise higher performance

Achieve low latency (2ms and less) via GovCloud Marketplace proximity and 10GbE connectivity for demanding apps and use cases.

Accelerate innovation and time to market while reducing costs

Learn how NetApp GovCloud STaaS delivers high-performance enterprise storage services with 99.99% availability at a significant cost saving.

Capacity licensing

STaaS capacity licensing is storage software feature licensing, delivering the greatest flexibility for purchasing storage data management services, features and capacity. Capacity licenses ensure ongoing entitlement to your data, no matter which platform is chosen within the Marketplace.

  • Flexible - storage features and capacity are available separately—what you need, when you need it. GovCloud-wide pooled capacities eliminate stranded capacity and geographic limitations.
  • Grants entitlement - no need to buy licenses again when repurposing capacity or consolidating platforms across storage services.
  • Predictable - no bill shock—only pay for allocated storage based on features, performance, capacity and term, with no charges for data ingest or retrieval.
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Capacity packs

Manage your storage allocation, automate provisioning tasks and protect data across multiple sites. Choose from a range of performance and protocol capabilities to right-size the predictability and scalability of your STaaS platform.

Add capacity packs to your capacity license and pay a predictable monthly change based on a cents/GiB/term model, delivering the greatest flexibility for purchasing storage and growing your storage allocation.

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Storage services

Add storage management features to your capacity license that enable value-added storage capabilities only NetApp can provide.

Standard features

Your capacity license includes standard features that set NetApp STaaS apart from our competitors. We drive automated workflows to improve time to market and service quality.

  • Rapid storage provisioning 
  • Storage allocation reporting 
  • iSCSI and S3 protocol access
  • Storage I/O Quality-of-Service (QoS) 
  • Incident notification email packs
  • Custom Host Activation Guide (HAG)

Value added features

Take advantage of specialised NetApp technology by adding features to your STaaS capacity license

  • CIFS protocol access
  • Online instant backups
  • Efficient data replication
  • Zero-footprint data cloning
  • SnapDiff integrated backups
  • On-access anti-virus scanning (via partner PaaS)

Recovery features

Add storage-efficient data replication between GovDC sites to meet or exceed your 'Recovery Point Objective' (RPO) requirements.

  • Remote online backups
  • Remote extended backup retention
  • Storage failover to alternate site
  • Disaster recovery
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NetApp Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Service offering provided by NetApp for use by NSW government agencies within the GovCloud Marketplace. NetApp IaaS offers compute bundled with networking and NetApp services at compelling price points.

IaaS provides a fundamental building block for government departments to extend their compute environments into the cloud. Managed by NetApp staff and ISO27001 certified, NetApp IaaS provides access to secure, reliable and high-performance compute nodes.

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Partner platforms

NetApp Storage-as-a-Service is available through NetApp authorised partners via a flexible capacity licensing model to meet your data management requirements.

Primary use cases

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
NetApp New South Wales Government Cloud partners
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