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Automotive software development: Cracking the code for faster vehicle design

Automotive data solutions tailormade for enhancing software development productivity and DevOps processes.

Boosted automotive software development toolchains

Build the flexible, resilient, and automated infrastructure base you need to access data across all locations and environments, on premises and in the cloud. Remove data silos across the value chain so you can innovate faster and simplify mission-critical applications and software operations.

Maximize value at every stage of automotive development with NetApp

    • 50%

    • Proportion of OEM profit that will come from software by 2030

      Source: Kearney, 2022

    • Just 40%

    • R&D leaders who view software as a major disruptor and feel prepared to make the necessary operational shifts

      Source: McKinsey, 2021

    • 84%

    • Auto professionals that are concerned their security practices aren’t keeping up with threats

      Source: Ericsson, 2021

Get in the fast lane for software development

Automakers who get to market first have a huge advantage. NetApp® solutions optimize continuous integration and delivery pipelines by simplifying operations and enabling lightning-fast software build iteration–meaning you get there quicker than the competition.

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Give your cloud spend a tune-up

Due to their complexity and changing requirements, understanding cloud costs is tricky. But with NetApp® analytics and automated tools, you can ensure your resource allocation is always running at peak efficiency.

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Park your data in the safest spot

With ever more value held digitally, automakers are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. NetApp® integrated solutions protect your data from ransomware, ensure compliance, and put full backup and recovery failsafes in place.

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Automotive DevOps: Less friction, more speed

Software and services are now key competitive differentiators for OEMs, but continuous delivery has been hampered by siloed, legacy IT and outdated processes. However, with NetApp® automotive data solutions, you can integrate and consolidate your DevOps processes and enable a consistent, seamless experience across all environments.

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Don’t just take our word for it 

 We’ve applied our cloud and data management solutions to help some of the world’s leading automakers. Here’s what they have to say about us.


While NetApp storage systems sit quietly in the background, they are more than just storage boxes. They enable developers to work in a cloudlike infrastructure to create better products, faster.

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Porsche Motorsport

“The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is a technology showcase and with data the defining element, NetApp enables us to move huge amounts of data at high speed across edge, core and cloud so we can design better, faster cars and maximize our performance.”

Friedemann Kurz, Head of Porsche Motorsport IT

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